Personal Protection Dogs Prevent Crimes at Home and in the Neighborhood

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Protection Dogs Prevent Crimes at Home and in the Neighborhood

Agua Dulce, CA — December XX, 2013 – The year 2011 saw 1.2 million forcible entries into homes across the US, and nearly 3.4 million homes were robbed in that same year. With these alarming statistics, the need for added protection in the home is at an all-time high. While home security systems are a common option, personal protection dogs are quickly becoming the favorite choice for those who don’t wish to live in fear.

Personal protection dogs are a proven deterrent for criminals. A recent survey asked prison inmates about what homeowners could do to protect themselves from crime, and 65 percent replied that they would avoid a home with a trained dog present. Of course, the key to having an effective home security system with a dog is to choose the right breed. Titled German shepherds are trained in the art of protecting their masters, and these loyal dogs do double-duty as great family companions.

German shepherds are known for their loyalty, intelligence and strength. These dogs are commonly used for police K-9 units, as well as trained military K-9 units. Wüstenberger-Land breeds, raises and trains personal protection dogs with an exclusive, all-German bloodline with a reputation in outstanding health and temperament. Through the experienced training techniques of Michael Kempkes, Wüstenberger-Land German shepherds are bred and trained to be very easy to handle and protective of women and children. Owning a trained Wüstenberger-Land personal protection dog is having the assurance that you have purchased from one of the most reliable and trusted breeders in the world.

The dog’s appearance to criminals is intimidating and frightening. This is why trained and titled German shepherds are perfect for protecting homes and families. These dogs are alerted to danger and suspicious noises faster than any home security system, and the ferocious bark of a German shepherd is enough to scare off many intruders. If a homeowner is threatened, the personal protection dog will take action to protect its master, and the response time of the animal is faster than that of the alarm company.

About the Company: The rise in crime occurring in the home is startling, but there are steps that homeowners can take to protect their families. Investing in a personal protection dog gives families added peace of mind and a loyal companion. Wüstenberger Land specializes in breeding German shepherds to protect and serve families, and interested homeowners can purchase any of the excellent German shepherd puppies for sale from these experts on the breed.

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