V Xambia vom Wustenberger-Land

SG1 Xambia vom Wustenberger-land (Schh1, kkl1 - hd ed a1 normal)
Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5... in V Anett vom Noricum
4 - 4... in VA1 Jeck vom Noricum
5 - 5,4... in VA6 Odin von Tannenmeise
5 - 5... in VA2 (I) Vopo vom Kirschental
4 - 4... in V5 Farah vom Arolser Schloß
5 - 5... in V Luna vom Arolser Schloß
3 - 3... in VA1 (N) Lord Georg Vicktor Turm

A daughter to VA Idol Holtkamper Hof, schutzhund 3 kkl1 and VA1 Anika von Bradbury schutzhund 3 kkl1. Xambia is a female of exceptional anatomy,temperament, Super Rich pigment and a gorgeous deep red color . Here bloodline comes over VA Lord Georg Vicktor Turm a noted top producer of VA females in Germany. Xambia is the USA vice Youth Siegerin and winner of best breed American female. We are proud be able to assist and co-own Xambia with our friends Abhai and Yvonne Kaul of Team Nummer Eins. Our hope is that this will allow them much success for their future goals in breeding, showing and competing internationally

V6 Idol Holtkamper Hof V3 (BSZS) Yak vom Frankengold VA1 (CH) Hoss vom Lärchenhain
VA Beaury Haus Kirura
V Ginga vom Kristallsee VA1 Lord vom Georg Vicktor Turm
VA14 Lea vom Holtkämper See
VA Anika vom Bradbury V (BSZS) Xandro vom Dänischen Hof V Brenda vom Kristallsee
V (BSZS) Minka vom Dänischen Hof
VA Jenny Laacher- Haus V1 Eros vom Luisenstrasse
Perle vom Laacher- Hau